Client Testimonials

I know it's been a while since we last spoke and saw each other but I can't tell you how much I want to thank you for fighting with me, believing in me, and for most of all saving my life. I'm glad to have you as my family attorney and honored to have you as a friend thank you.

Peter B.

Dear Buddy and Todd,

It was over 30 years ago that my parents walked into a courtroom distraught and scared. They had needed help. Their children were in trouble. That is when they first met you personally. That was the day a bond was created by our family with the family of Addabbo and Greenberg. They needed help and you were there. And you have all been there to help each and everyone of us over the 30 years. I wanted to personally thank you all for everything you have done for us. It's funny because we never felt like we were dealing with an attorneys office when we called you, we always called like we needed a friend to help us out. I wanted to thank you personally for always being there for us.

Seeing your faces last night made me realize that you are truly friends. My heart felt the love and the tears of joy as I saw the both of you being there for my family once again when we needed your support. Only this time it was for the strength to get through the loss of one we all loved so deeply.

A bond like this can never be broken....You both are forever in my heart... Vincent was so grateful and truly loved you.

P.S Please tell Jeannette she was very special in all she has done and how she also made me feel so warmly welcomed. Jeannette was and always will be my favorite girl...


Forever your friend

Christine (last name omitted)

Dear Mr. Greenberg

This is [name omitted]'s wife, Regina. I would like to express our gratitude for your dedication to our case which has resulted in a positive outcome. I know that it took many hours of reading, reflecting and planning. May you continue to be blessed with the ability to defend the innocents.


I can not express enough my sincere and profound appreciation for Mr. Greenberg.

I was totally devastated by the circumstances which led me to be falsely accused and arrested for actions I did not commit. My subsequent experience with the legal system led me to be concerned not only for the possible legal consequences but also for the possible implications for my family and livelihood. I truly wanted and needed to have peace of mind and the assurance that my case was being handled by a capable professional who would successfully defend me. Right from the beginning Mr, Greenberg gave me the confidence and assurance that I needed in and out of the courtroom. I am not only appreciative of his representation, his skill set and knowledge base as a lawyer but truly thankful for the generous amount of time that he provided me in consultation and the responsiveness he gave my concerns whenever I reached out to him. I openly want to state that Mr. Greenberg proved not only to be a an excellent attorney, but a truly decent, kind and honorable man. (client)

Hi Mr. Greenberg,

I'm very happy (and Carlos too) that his case turned out that well! I would like to thank you for your and your companies' commitment in his case.

I appreciate it enormously that you always has taken the time to answer my emails quickly and explain about the situation.

I forwarded your letter to Carlos.
Thank you again.

Buddy & Todd,

Words cannot express my deep feelings for you guys & staff. You have taken me from C95 Rikers Island to owning my own home and 16 years clean.

My only wishes are that you guys and your families reap all the rewards that good fathers & best friends deserve. I'm very serious and grateful.


P.S. Both your dad's molded you guys and you make them very proud.
Thank You
Love & Respect,

Vinny, Vincent & T.J.


Thanks can not express how grateful I am to you and your firm. I know you took a lot for helping me but I thank God every night for you, your success, and your generosity. You truly are the best lawyer around. You have a way of taking nothing and making sense out of it. Your patience, kindness, and time have not gone unnoticed. No one else could have done what you did. Money was never an issue with you and I am so sorry I could not give more or pay you in a timely fashion. Thank you for believing in me. I know you think I'm crazy for giving up so much for Cody but just as I believe he sent you to me, I believe he sent me to Cody.

Pray for us every chance you get. I'm happy I got see a real angel at work.

Thanks again
Sonia & Family

Dear Mr. Addabbo:
Thank you for spending the first day of your vacation at the closing of our house. The first trip in my brand new V70 Volvo station wagon was to a dog show. The bank and the US Government also love us.

Thanks again.
Muriel B.

Dear Buddy: Sometimes in life people are fortunate to cross paths with a genuine human being. We were so fortunate beyond words to meet you. Thank you for your professionalism.

Josephine D

Mr. G: I know you go through a million cases that mean a lot but to me, mine was the most important. You have given me a chance to have a life again. You worked a miracle. I know you are the best. Thank you for the time you put into my case and for your expertise in handling it. My life is on the right track now and it has a lot to do with you.

Thank you.
Anthony C.

Dear Todd & Buddy: I wanted to express to you how every grateful we are for all you have done. The kindness and warmth you have shown us will never be forgotten. Thank you for always believing in my son and for getting us through this horrible time. With appreciation and affection.

Joseph D.

Dear Mr. Greenberg: There are definitely no words to explain my gratitude towards you - you have been a rock to me in my most trying time of life. I want to thank you for your special effort and also your compassion towards us. I will always remember your kindness and I know that I can always depend on you in years to come.


To Todd, Trish & Jeanette: Just a reminder of how thankful I am for all your help in my time of need. I never forget you guys in my prayers everyday and I thank God for putting you in my path when I needed you most. I owe you my life.

Joshua P.

Dear Todd and Buddy: I just wanted to take a moment to heartfully thank you for being there for me and my family. I cannot express my gratitude to you both, you always treat us with affection and respect. I know I can not explain in words my feelings about the comfort of knowing the best men would do the best job.

Joy D.

Dear Buddy & Todd: Thank you for what you did for my son. Me and my wife are very thankful for having a great team of lawyers as yourself and your whole staff. My son will always be in debt to you. Again thank you.

Aida A.

Dear Mr. Greenberg: I wanted to enclose the short note to let you know we are thinking of you, your kindness and the way you helped us through our most trying times in our lives. I will never forget your kindness or how much you cared for us.

Sadia P.

Dear Buddy and Todd: Just a short note to say Happy New Year. Thank you for your fine representation and support. This meant a lot to me and I am most appreciative.

Robert S.

To Mr. Greenberg: Thank you for everything. You're the greatest.

Neelram R.

Mr. Greenberg: I'm not sure I can express how grateful we are to you for your compassion and expertise. We have never experienced anything like this and would be completely lost without you. Thank you for helping our family.

Andrea S

I must say Mr. Greenberg that you did an excellent job in preserving all necessary material for appeal. I must thank you for conducting an excellent defense.

Shawn S.

Dear Mr. Greenberg: Thank you for your and Tammi's efforts on my behalf and for obtaining a dismissal of my case. I appreciate your firm's defense of me, and if in the future, I or anyone I know find themselves in a situation where your firm's representation is needed I will not hesitate to contact you.


Dominic, Thank you for helping my dream come true


Dear Mr. Addabbo:
Thank you for spending the first day of your vacation at the closing of our house. The first trip in my brand new V70 Volvo station wagon was to a dog show. The bank and the US Government also love us.

Thanks again.
Muriel B.

Words are not adequate for the tremendous effort you displayed in court on my behalf. You've been my friend but most of all you've been my greatest helper. You've given me a great second lease on life. From me, my wife and my entire family, thank you.

Mohamed S.