Federal Mortgage Fraud Defendant Gets Five Months Incarceration

The Defendant was charged with Conspiracy to Defraud Financial Institutions, a Class "B" Federal Felony, along with several other co-conspirators. Several banks were the victims of this multimillion dollar Mortgage Fraud.

The Federal guidelines called for a range of imprisonment of approximately five years. Due to a Motion by Federal Criminal defense Attorney Todd Greenberg, United States District Judge Peter G. Sheridan departed from the Federal sentencing guidelines on the ground that the Defendant's father, a co-defendant and leader of the conspiracy, strongly influenced his son. Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg argued to the Federal Judge that the father-son relationship exhibited herein, between this Defendant and his father, the undisputed leader of this Conspiracy, represented a classic example of Confucianism, a philosophy strongly embedded in Korean Culture and in this particular Defendant. According to the presentence Memorandum prepared by Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg, citing to Confucius, each person had a specific place in society and certain duties to fill. Confucius set up five principles relationships in which people are involved, one of them being "father and son". In passing sentence, the Court noted this relationship, the trust between this Defendant and his father, and departed considerably from the Federal Guidelines, finding the father's influence contributed to the Defendant's actions. Extensive preparation by Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg helped a client of Addabbo and Greenberg avoid a lengthy Federal prison sentence.