Defendant "Not Guilty" Of Kidnapping, Robbery And Assault: Mental Disease And Defect Defense Negated Intent

The Defendant, a 32-year-old female, was acquitted of Kidnapping, Robbery and Assault, all Class B Felonies, but found Guilty of Reckless Endangerment. The District Attorney alleged that the Defendant lured the Complainant into a vehicle, drove him to Manhattan, where he was robbed and assaulted by another person secreted in the vehicle. Queens Criminal defense attorney Todd Greenberg argued that based upon a mental disease and defect the Defendant did not have the intent to kidnap, rob or assault. The plea offer prior to trial was ten years. The Defendant was acquitted of the most serious Felonies and found “guilty” of a Class “D” Felony and subsequently was sentenced to six (6) months incarceration and probation. Once again, with preparation, diligence and knowledge of the defense of mental disease or defect, Attorney Todd Greenberg helped his client present the complicated facts of her case which led to an acquittal of the most serious charges.