Federal Judge Grants Substantial "Variance" in Sentencing for Possession of Child Pornography via the Internet

A Southern District of New York Federal Judge granted what the Judge called a "significant variance" from the Federal Sentencing Guidelines with regard to a fifty (50)  year old defendant who pled guilty to Possession of Child Pornography via the Internet. The Defendant was originally charged with Distribution and Possession of Child Pornography via the Internet. Immediately upon being retained, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg secured the Defendant’s release on a $100,000.00 signature bond. Thereafter, after discovering significant mitigating factors, Mr. Greenberg retained an expert to perform a Psychosexual evaluation. There were legal hurdles that Mr. Greenberg had to overcome to secure a fair sentence for his client who readily admitted his guilt: The charge of Distribution of Child Pornography via Internet carried a mandatory minimum of five (5) years’ incarceration. A presentation was made to a committee of Assistant US Attorneys in the Southern District and, based on the mitigating circumstances presented, Mr. Greenberg was able to procure a plea to Possession of Child Pornography, a charge that did not carry a mandatory minimum sentence. Citing the character of the Defendant, his continued counselling, his low risk of recidivism and the inherent unfairness of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Child Pornography possession, the Federal Judge granted a "significant variance" from the Guideline Range. Instead of a Federal Guideline sentence between 6 ½ years to 8 years, the Defendant received a 2 year sentence with three years’ supervised release. Through the effort of Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg, his client’s sentence was significantly reduced. Please contact Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg at (718)268-0400 if you are charged with a computer crime.