Gun Suppressed In Supreme Court Queens County: Constitutional Rights Of Client Upheld

After years of litigation, on February 19th, 2013, a Justice of the Supreme Court, Queens County, granted Addabbo and Greenberg’s client suppression of a gun found in a draw in his bedroom. At the Probable Cause Hearing, attorney Todd Greenberg argued that the District Attorney failed to present any evidence concerning the information to support a reasonable belief that an offense was committed by this Defendant. Instead, the District Attorney relied on the Doctrine of "Collateral Estoppel" from another case. In the Brief filed by Addabbo and Greenberg, argued that collateral estoppel should not apply. Supreme Court agreed and since collateral estoppel did not apply, and the People failed to present the necessary evidence, the gun and a statement was suppressed as being obtained in violation of our client’s Constitutional Rights. Once again, knowledge of the Law and skillful brief writing has led to the best result possible for a client of Addabbo and Greenberg.