Jury Acquits Our Client Of B Felony Drug Sale And B Felony Intent To Sell

September 15, 2017

On August 16th, 2017 our client was acquitted by a New York County Jury of Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance, a Class "B" Felony, as well as Possession with Intent to Sell. The District Attorney told the jury that this was an "open and shut case" for a conviction based on the fact there was a video of the sale, which allegedly took place at the Marquee Club in New York, as well as being witnessed by a security guard. At Trial, the District Attorney played the video, called the alleged buyer to the stand and also the security guard who stated he was 5 feet away and witnessed the sale. Significantly, at the Pretrial Hearing, based on the Cross Examination skills of New York Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg and his knowledge of the Law, all statements and items seized upon our client’s arrest was suppressed in that the People failed to establish "Probable Cause". Put simply, the District Attorney presenting the case failed to put enough facts into the Hearing to establish the predicate for the arrest! Therefore, the evidence at Trial consisted of an alleged drug sale without any money being recovered from the Defendant! Please call Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg if you need help and for the best result! Call us at (718)268-0400 or reach us at www.QueensLaw.com.