"Not Guilty" Verdict For Client Charged With Felony Possession Of Fifty Pounds Of Marijuana

One March 10 th, 2016, our client was acquitted of all charges involving Criminal Possession of Marijuana. It was alleged that our client was in possession of approximately fifty (50) pounds of marijuana recovered from a house in Queens, New York. New York Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg argued that the District Attorney failed to present evidence proving "constructive possession" of the marijuana beyond a reasonable doubt which ultimately resulted in the acquittal. Most significantly, the Defendant was allegedly seen leaving the house by undercover police who were conducting surveillance with a bag containing three or four pounds of marijuana and was followed to a location where he made an alleged sale to a third party who was also arrested. However, On November 16 th, 2015, a Queens County Supreme Court Judge suppressed the recovery of the marijuana that was found in the bag and United States currency that was allegedly given to my client for the purchase. (See Suppression of Marijuana Granted in Felony Drug Case, below). Without that evidence at trial, the District Attorney could not make the connection to the fifty pounds of marijuana found in the house. The cycle has now been completed: based on Mr. Greenberg's hard work the Defendant was "NOT GUILTY" of all charges. Once again, knowledge of the Law, extensive experience in cross-examination of police witnesses and persistence and dedication in preparing pretrial motions and trial preparation, resulted in a complete acquittal of all Felony drug charges. If you are arrested and charged with narcotic possession or sale of a drug call New York Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg for the best results at 718-268-0400 or reach us through QueensLaw.com.