Trip And Fall Case Of Eighty Year Old Man Settled For $150,000.00 Prior To Jury Selection

Plaintiff, an 80 year old man, was walking down Skillman Avenue and 54 th Street in Queens, New York when he tripped and fell on a raised sidewalk slab. New York slip and fall attorney Todd Greenberg argued that the Defendants were negligent and careless in their ownership and operation of the aforesaid sidewalk in it had been repaired but remained in an uneven condition. Although Defendants argued that the sidewalk defect was "minimal" and not actionable, the case settled prior to jury selection for $150,000.000 based on New York accident slip and fall attorney Todd Greenberg's argument that the defect was actionable and based upon the facts that the plaintiff suffered a fracture of his left patella. Persistence on the part of the accident and injury attorneys of Addabbo & Greenberg helped the 80 year old Plaintiff gain a substantial recovery in a case where the Defendants argued there was no liability.