Trip and Fall Case Settled for Eighty Year Old Woman Against Bank which Foreclosed on Property

July 1, 2016

This accident took place on a sidewalk/driveway in front of a home in Queens County that had an elevated sidewalk slab. The eighty-year-old Plaintiff was walking with a friend when she tripped and fell and fractured her shoulder. No operation was necessary. The owner of the home had lost title to the house through a foreclosure and Personal Injury attorney Dominic Addabbo sued Wells Fargo Bank, the then title owner of the property. Although the Bank attempted to have the case dismissed based on the fact that they were not in possession, after thorough research, the Supreme Court, Queens County, denied the motion. Further, Personal Injury attorney Dominic Addabbo was able to establish that the defect was not "minimal" and was actionable. Result: $175,000.00 recovered for our client! If you were injured by a uneven side walk or any other defect, call the personal injury Attorneys' at Addabbo and Greenberg at (718)268-0400 or visit us at