Queens Jury Returns "NOT GUILTY" Verdict In Assault First Degree Case

A Queens County Jury returned a "Not Guilty" verdict on Assault First Degree charges and all lesser offenses against a Defendant charged with hitting another patron of a club over the head with a champagne bottle. Despite the fact that the injuries were severe, Queens Criminal Attorney Todd D. Greenberg mounted a self-defense defense along with the mitigating circumstance that the Defendant was intoxicated and could not form intent to injure. After a three-week trial which involved several witnesses, including police officers, bouncers, and a video tape, the Jury returned a verdict of "Not Guilty" of all counts. Once again, dedication, knowledge of the law and hard work resulted in a jury acquittal for Queens Criminal attorney Todd D. Greenberg's client. For the best possible results, call Addabbo and Greenberg.