All Charges Dismissed Against Hospital Technician Accused of Sexual Abuse

After a four year legal battle conducted by New York Criminal Law Attorney Todd D. Greenberg, all criminal charges have been dismissed against a Winthrop University Hospital Medical Technician accused of fondling three patients. The case is an attestation to the diligence and persistence of New York Criminal Attorney Todd D. Greenberg, which included two Jury Trials and a reversal by the Appellate Division and, finally, a dismissal of the single remaining charge by the Nassau County District Attorney on the eve of a third Trial. On October 18, 2011, Supreme Court Justice William C. Donnino granted an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal to the remaining charge of Sexual Abuse which means that the case will be dismissed and sealed. Once again, knowledge of the law, preparation of the case and a firm believer in the innocence of our client has resulted in the complete exoneration of Todd Greenberg’s client and dismissal of an Indictment.

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