Attorney Todd Greenberg Settles Case Against Nassau County Hospital For Mis-Labeling Of Biopsy Specimens

On October 9, 2012, immediately prior to Jury Selection, a Nassau County Hospital settled with a woman who was misdiagnosed with Breast Cancer after her biopsy results were mixed up with another woman. In a confidential settlement, the Hospital acknowledged that Addabbo and Greenberg's client's name had been put on the tissue sample of a different patient. Our client had to undergo an unnecessary lumpectomy and then discovered she was cancer free. The settlement reflects the extreme emotional stress of a cancer diagnosis, as well as the psychological trauma she suffered after learning about the mislabeling, as well as scarring of the Breast. Personal Injury Attorney Todd Greenberg states that his client appreciates the Hospital acknowledging it's error and that the Hospital has corrected it's procedures so that a mishap of this nature will not occur again. Personal Injury Attorney Todd Greenberg has secured a favorable settlement for his injured client based on hard work, persistence and knowledge of the law. For the best results in a Personal Injury case, call Addabbo and Greenberg.