On November 18 th, 2011, Addabbo and Greenberg convinced a Judge that the Police did not sustain its burden of proof at a Motor Vehicle Refusal Hearing. When a motorist Refuses a chemical test to determine Blood Alcohol Content, that motorist is subject to revocation of his or her license for one year. Before that can occur, certain prerequisites m ust be established at a Motor Vehicle Hearing. Often, the police officer does not show and the Administrative Law Judge proceeds on the police paperwork and then revokes the license. With extensive knowledge of the Law in this area, DWI Attorney was able to persuade the Administrative Law Judge that the paperwork submitted by the police officer failed to establish reasonable cause to believe that the motorist was driving in an intoxicated condition. The result: the attorneys at Addabbo and Greenberg once again are victorious in based on their knowledge of the law and knowledge of the facts of the case.