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All Sex Offense Charges Carrying Life Sentence Dismissed in Virginia

August 1, 2014

No matter where the problem is, Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg is there to help. On July 16, 2014, in Virginia State Court, Fairfax County, all Sex Offense charges that carried a life sentence were dismissed and Todd Greenberg’s client was permitted to plead guilty to a Misdemeanor charge, was released from jail, and sentenced to unsupervised probation for one year. The case arose when the Defendant, a Queens County resident, was visiting his child in Virginia, when the child’s mother accused the Defendant of sexually touching the child. Although the Defendant denied the charges, to make matters worse, the Defendant made a full-taped confession to a Virginia Detective and to the baby’s mother over the phone. However, upon being retained and speaking to the Defendant, it became clear that the Defendant falsely confessed to a crime that never occurred due to the extreme pressure placed upon him by the baby’s mother that unless he “confessed” he would never see the child again. Immediately upon being retained, Mr. Greenberg traveled to Virginia, interviewed the Defendant in jail, hired a “False Confession” Expert and made a presentation to the Virginia District Attorney. At first, the District Attorney insisted on proceeding with the case and obtained an Indictment. However, after further persuasion by Mr. Greenberg, presentation of the report of the “False Confession” expert and research of Virginia Law regarding this issue, the District Attorney dismissed all Counts of the Indictment, allowed the Defendant to plead “guilty” to a Misdemeanor and receive one year of “unsupervised probation”. Once again, an immediate investigation, devotion to our client, and knowledge of the law, prevented a client of Addabbo and Greenberg from receiving a life sentence in prison. If you need help in New York or elsewhere, call attorney Todd Greenberg 718-268-0400.