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Directed Verdict In Favor Of Our Client Granted In False Arrest Case

The Defendant, a Queen’s homeowner, came into his house one afternoon and found two persons rummaging through his basement. He called 911 to report the Burglary and the Plaintiffs were arrested. The Plaintiffs were subsequently found “Not Guilty” at their Criminal Trial and commenced an action against Defendant for False Arrest and False Imprisonment. Plaintiffs claimed that Defendant actually invited one of the Plaintiff’s into his home for a sexual act and when there was a disagreement over the cost, Defendant called 911 and had Plaintiffs falsely arrested. On January 3, 2013, a Jury Trial commenced in Supreme Court, Queens County. At the close of Plaintiff’s case, Defense Counsel Todd D. Greenberg moved for a Directed Verdict in that Plaintiffs failed to present a prima facie case based on the applicable law. The Trial Judge agreed and dismissed the entire Complaint. Not only do the attorneys at Addabbo & Greenberg provide competent Criminal Defense but also use their skills and knowledge of the law in Defense of Civil Actions. For the best results, contact Addabbo & Greenberg if you are being sued.