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“Not Guilty” Verdict For Our Client Charged With Assault By Auto

Our client was charged with Assault where it was alleged by the complaining witness that our client intentionally ran him over with a limousine. Our client and the complainant were employed by a limousine company in Queens County. Although they were friendly with each other for twenty-five (25) years, the complainant began to act irrationally and became violent towards our client. The complainant alleged that when he was walking into the limousine garage, our client intentionally aimed his vehicle at him and, at a high rated speed, clipped him with the vehicle causing serious injury to his elbow, leg, neck and back. However, on cross-examination, after taking photographs and measurements of the garage, it was established that it would be impossible for our client to have reached a high rated speed in such a short distance. Further, during cross-examination, Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg had the complainant mark a photograph indicating where all the parties were and, once again, using speed and timeframe calculations, demonstrated that it was impossible to occur as stated. Mr. Greenberg also argued that the motivation for the false charges against our client was a civil lawsuit and workers compensation claim and that the complainant sought financial gain and fabricated his testimony ” NOT GUILTY!”. Once again, knowledge of the Law, extensive experience in cross-examination of witnesses and extensive trial preparation has led to the acquittal of our client. If you need our help, call Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg at 718-268-0400 or reach us at