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Pedestrian Knock Down Case Settled for $825,000.00: Fractured Shoulder

September 02, 2014

Our client, a 69 year. old Home Health Aide, was injured in January 2012 while on her way to work. She was crossing Atlantic Avenue and 130 th Street in Queens County when she was struck by a school bus. Our client suffered a comminuted proximal humeral fracture which required surgical hardware. She had to have a second operation regarding the protruding of the screws of the hardware. At a private mediation, the Defendant offered $400,000.00 in full and final settlement. Although the client was anxious to settle the case for such a large amount of damages, the accident and personal injury attorneys of Addabbo and Greenberg advised her that the settlement was not enough and that a Jury would probably assess the damages higher. Six month later, in the middle of Jury selection, Defendant offered $825,000.00 as damages which was accepted by the Plaintiff. Once again, the hard work and diligence in protecting our client’s rights resulted in a settlement that made our client whole and able to enjoy her future. If you were in a serious accident, call Addabbo and Greenberg New York injury and accident attorneys at 718-268-0400.