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Queens Family Court Judge Acquits Teen Of Robbery And Assault

On July 2, 2008, after a trial that spanned approximately two weeks a Queens Family Court Judge acquitted a 15-year old teen of Robbery and Assault charges. The Juvenile allegedly committed the robbery on February 8, 2008 when he, and at least nine other persons, approached the Complainant, assaulted him and took his cell phone. Attorney Todd Greenberg argued a classic mis-identification case. Cross-examination of the Complainant, as well as an alleged eye-witness Security Guard, established that the Security Guard actually never saw the robbery and the Complainant saw the Juvenile, not at the time of the robbery, but shortly thereafter and only saw the side of the Juvenile’s face. Further cross-examination revealed that the perpetrators of the crime were wearing “Hoodies” which would further hinder any identification. At the end of the case the Queens Family Court Judge complemented Mr. Greenberg for his presentation and defense of the Juvenile in this case. All charges were dismissed and the Juvenile released from custody. A co-defendant pled guilty prior to trial.