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Acquitted of Domestic Violence Crimes in Queens County Trial

Photo of Todd D. Greenberg Esq. and Caitlin N. Quvus Esq.

After trial, our client was found “Not Guilty” of Assault and Criminal Obstruction of Breathing/Blood Circulation relating to a domestic violence allegation. Our client was arrested after his domestic partner reported that he had engaged her in a verbal dispute, grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the floor, stomped on her head, punched her in the face, and placed her in a chokehold. Skillful cross-examination of the complaining witness by Attorney Caitlin Quvus showed that the complainant fabricated and exaggerated her claims. Further, Ms. Quvus’ detailed analysis of the evidence in this case demonstrated that the complainant’s allegations could not be true. Ms. Quvus successfully argued that our client was not guilty of any crime, resulting in the dismissal of all Misdemeanor charges. Our client was found guilty of the Violation of Harassment and has no criminal record. If you are charged with Assault or any other domestic violence related crime, call attorneys Caitlin Quvus and Todd Greenberg for the best result at 718-268-0400 or visit us at