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Cop: Bloody Note Near Slain Woman

By Thomas Zambito

Daily News, Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A BLOOD-SOAKED receipt with a scrawled plea for help- “Call 911”- was found near a Queens woman whose throat was slit, allegedly by her rapist.

That chilling detail emerged yesterday at the trial of Hemant Megnath, accused of killing Natasha Ramen, 20, in 2007- months before she was to testify against him in the rape case.

Prosecutors showed jurors the note as they opened their case against Megnath- and Officer Brian Webber recounted how he found the bloodied secretary in the doorway of her home.

“She was bleeding profusely,” Webber told jurors. “She was unable to draw a full breath of air. She was gasping for breath, mouthing the words, ‘Help me….’ She was mouthing words but she was unable to speak.”

Ramen’s throat had been slit from ear to ear, leaving a gash so deep, Webber said, that he could see her spine. It was unclear if she has written the message on the receipt.

Megnath, accused of raping Ramen in 2005, was linked to her slaying through a tiny speck of blood found in his car. His lawyer, Todd Greenberg, is expected to attack the science behind the DNA analysis.