Awesome Lawyer!

I hired Todd Greenberg and his team about 5 years ago to work on a wrongful death case for my dad. Mr. Greenberg and his team went straight to work, and continued working hard on my case. I lived out of the state of New York but that did not stop Mr Greenberg and his team from representing us. He completed our lawsuit in the timely manner that he said he would, and also accomplished our lawsuit amount that we deserved. He kept in touch with us during the entire process, and he answered any questions i had in a timely manner. If you are looking for an attorney i would definitely point you towards Mr. Greenberg and his team.

– Darshanand Singh

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Client Testimonials

February 25th, 2023

Highest Level of Commitment and Professionalism

Mr. Greenberg demonstrated the highest level of commitment and professionalism from the beginning of this case to the end. He is dedicated, sincere and compassionate. It was a very difficult time for my husband and I, emotionally and Mr. Greenberg helped us through it all. He listens , communicates, and gets the job done. He fights hard to get a positive outcome. There are no words to express our gratitude. I highly recommend Mr. Todd Greenberg and his team. Five stars!!!


March 9th, 2022

Amazing lawyer!

Here are six things that I can write about what a great lawyer Mr. Greenberg.. – Patience – Great communication – Knowledgeable – Responsiveness – Great listening skills – Hardworking and Persevering!


February 22nd, 2022

True Dedication to Excellence

Todd Greenberg, Esq. demonstrates the highest level of commitment, integrity and professionalism to his clients. He provides knowledge and expertise as well as true dedication to excellence in his work ethic. I highly recommend the services at Addabbo & Greenberg.


December 17th, 2021

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Sir Todd Greenberg is the best lawyer in the New York, from my point of view. I pray for you sir, He win for me a very very hard and critical case it’s supposed to be longer but I got dismissed my case in very short time. Thanks a lot sir. Highly recommend.


August 1, 2021

You Have Been Amazing and We Can’t Thank You Enough For Your Guidance

Dear Buddy, Thank you so much for helping is throughout this entire process! You have been amazing, and we cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance. We can’t wait to have you Maranna Aer to our house. Thank you so much!.


March 4, 2021

Caring Professional Attorney

Excellent Attorney with attention to detail!! Todd Greenberg gets results and will work hard for you!! Highly recommended 5 stars!!!


February 8, 2021

THANK YOU is not a big enough word!

I want to thank my attorney Todd Greenberg for his legal representation. Todd represented me against a 22-year-old felony charge and had it dismissed. This charge was not only dismissed, but he also negotiated an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal. That means in 30 days; it will be like this never happened! My family and I are very grateful for his representation and how expeditiously and professionally the case was handled. THANK YOU is not a big enough word for what you have helped me with Todd!!


January 2021

Peace Of Mind When Represented By Them!

Attorneys that are in the best interest of their clients, skilled in many fields and well able regardless of the circumstances. A Peace of mind when represented by them. Thank you Todd.


November 2020

Great Overall Experience With Todd And Caitlin!

Great overall experience with Todd and Caitlin. They were very proactive in helping me address an issue, always available for a consultation, and were able to provide a very positive outcome to a challenging situation. Would strongly recommend Addabbo & Greenberg for representation.


December 12, 2019


I can’t thank Todd Greenberg at Addabbo & Greenberg enough for the work he did on my case. I had very serious criminal charges and my future was looking far from great. From the beginning of my case, Todd Greenberg went above and beyond to help and explain everything I would be dealing with. He was always very honest and extremely knowledgeable with any questions we had. He always knew exactly what to do and what steps to take. His confidence in and out of the court always gave us hope and for almost 2 years Mr.Greenberg never gave up. I honestly can’t imagine having any other attorney provide the outcome I was able to have. I sincerely believe my life would not be the same today if it wasn’t for Mr.Greenberg. I can’t thank this man enough for everything he’s done for myself and for my family. I would highly recommend Mr.Greenberg and his team at Addabbo and Greenberg to anyone needing legal assistance!

Jorge Viteri

October 6, 2019

Awesome Lawyer!

I hired Todd Greenberg and his team about 5 years ago to work on a wrongful death case for my dad. Mr. Greenberg and his team went straight to work, and continued working hard on my case. I lived out of the state of New York but that did not stop Mr Greenberg and his team from representing us. He completed our lawsuit in the timely manner that he said he would, and also accomplished our lawsuit amount that we deserved. He kept in touch with us during the entire process, and he answered any questions i had in a timely manner. If you are looking for an attorney i would definitely point you towards Mr. Greenberg and his team.

Darshanand Singh

July 10, 2019

I had an excellent outcome of my Criminal Court case due to the highly professional and skilled knowledge of the staff at the Addabbo & Greenberg Law firm. Todd Greenberg was the Attorney that I dealt with. He is very compassionate and explained circumstances and options in a very clear and concise manner. This is something extremely important in dealing with a delicate case such as mine and what I was possibly facing. He was very patient/calm and collective in every step of the way with what the Court was trying to impose on me. His confidence when speaking to me was superior. It allowed for me to have a peace of mind and know that everything was going to be ok. That is priceless. I also had to deal with Family Court to which Todd recommended his sister – Jill Stone Law firm. I’ll try to make this short by saying she’s a replica of him in how she and her staff handled my Family Court Case. I hope this review will encourage you to give them a call if you find yourself in a complete mess to no end like I was in. My family will be forever grateful to your organization. Thanks is not even the word I should use. I’m speechless.


Great services!

May 25, 2019

I was arrested and my family contacted a 24 lawyer that happened to be Mr. Greenberg. Through the entire ordeal he reassured my family and I numerous times that everything was going to be fine. And he kept his word. My family and I are very, very pleased with the outcome and I couldn’t thank him enough.


Best lawyer around!

March 22, 2019

He is the top lawyer in New York!! Mr. Greenberg and his team are very professional and pleasure to work with. He got my case dismissed!!
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.


SAVED MY LIFE and freedom, VERY HONEST and Greatly Skilled

March 14, 2019

Hello, I am privileged to write a review of Mr Greenberg. I hired Mr Greenberg for my felony case in January 2019. I have chosen Mr Greenber based on one single conversation over the phone and until now I can’t express how happy I am with the outcome. I found Mr Greenberg website, I called the office and I left the message. It was on Saturday. 1.5 hr later Mr Greenberg called me and I explained my case over the phone to him. Mr Greenberg didn’t know me, didn’t know if I would hire him and despite of it he was listening patiently to my story for about 40 min !!!!. It was basically consultation over the phone without charge!!!! I was surprised that the Mr Greenberg took so much of his time just to listen to my story without even asking me to come to his office to hire him. What struck me during this conversation was the fact that Mr Greenberg was VERY POLITE and PATIENT while listening to my story. He didn’t attempt to influence me or push me to come to his office but instead Mr Greenberg gave me advice over the phone and options about the future legal actions. I loved his politeness and patience so I decided to see him in his office. Once in the office I presented my story to Mr Greenberg and one more time MR Greenberg listen to me patiently leaving up to me my decision to hire him. Mr Greenberg explained me my options for my felony case as well the reality of the outcome and possible risks. Mr Greenberg never promised me anything that was impossible to achieve. Mr Greenberg was very realistic by which he gained my confidence and trust immediately. After hiring Mr Greenberg I was able to contact him any time – after leaving my voice mail Mr Greenberg ALWAYS called me in a very timely manner, he ALWAYS found time to call me back and answer my questions in depths. My case was complicated by several factors, I was facing imprisonment after indictment. Being in prison I would not be able to continue my medical treatment, I had scheduled very important procedure requiring stay in a hospital. Without that procedure and without continuous high level of medical care I was facing risk of death. My case was dismissed at the first court appearance, but such outcome was even big surprise for Mr Greenberg who didn’t really anticipated that ma case would be resolved so fast. Mr Greenberg prepared me to wait for more court appearances, however he was positive that eventually my case will be dismissed.

I am recommending Mr Greenberg to anyone who needs criminal attorney. Mr Greenberg is very skilled and experienced attorney, having decades of practicing criminal law and representing clients at the Queens Criminal Court which also is very important for the outcome of the case since Mr Greenberg is well known among DAs as well respected by them which I witnessed firsthand. As for the payment plan Mr Greenberg is very flexible and understanding financial situation of his clients. Here on this review I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Greenberg and thank him from the depth of my heart for having my case dismissed. I can very strongly recommend Mr Greenberg to anybody who needs criminal attorney. Thank you Mr Greenberg one more time, God bless you.


Excellent Lawyer

January 28, 2019

Todd and the rest of the law office were extremely helpful in helping me through a difficult time and obtaining the best results possible with my case. I highly recommend this lawyer.


Amazing attorney

January 4, 2019

He helped me with my case, got me a positive outcome. I believe he was the only attorney who could’ve given me the outcome i wanted. he is very hardworking, patient and very diligent. i cannot begin to thank him for everything he helped me with


Todd is an invaluable fount of knowledge and a rock of sense.

November 10, 2018

I was very distressed about the charges I was facing until I retained Todd. It was always easy to get in contact with him, and his whole team took excellent care of me and my case. I am very thankful to say all charges were dismissed and sealed.


A true lifesaver

October 14, 2018

Mr. Greenberg and his team were very professional throughout our entire case. This was our first time being faced with this type of ordeal and he took the time to see our character and not just the charges. On the onset he was able to clearly explain everything to us about the legal process and our rights which showed how knowledgeable he is and it made my entire family comfortable. Through the duration of the legal case he was available to take our phone calls 24/7 and kept us abreast of all details and the progress of our case. He also took the time to be concerned about our adult children and our future. Mr. Greenberg has gone over an beyond with his services and we highly recommend him to others.


Addabbo Greenberg

August 13, 2018

I was arrested in queens for a knife that I purchased at home depot. The knife was completely legal and the police knew it. Mr. Addabbo, Mr. Greenberg and especially their associate. Mrs. Caitlin Young worked very hard to get my case dismissed. I was unjustly arrested and charged when I had committed no crime, and they took my case very serious. I would recommend any one who needs a hardworking attorney, and someone who genuinely cares to go with Addabbo Greenberg.


Todd gave our family the strength we needed

June 8, 2018

Mothers Day last year- my family was involved in a horrific accident resulting in the most devastating kind of accident imaginable. At this very moment the lives of families were changed forever. Todd Greenberg was called to help our family in this tragedy. This unbelievable accident caused so much grief for the family that suffered such unimaginable loss and caused ours irreversible scars- leaving us to feel vulnerable, alone, needing insight and healing. In all the frenzy Todd took our calls immediately and offered us a sense of understanding and direction that we could not do for ourselves. His professional, nurturing and humanizing perspective gave us the feeling that we have an attorney that understands the true nature of what he has to represent for all parties involved. As the process and realization of what had happened became more transparent, Todd and his team lead us to resolution for all parties while supporting our family and position in a way that we can never repay or express in this lifetime. My family is truly thankful for being able to have the opportunity to know Todd and respect him for his genuine, Bona Fide abilities as a lawyer and human being. From the bottom of our hearts, WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR US !


The Best Representation You Can Get

March 6, 2018

One night I Went out and had a few beers while watching the NBA finals with friends. On the way home I foolishly passed a red light and got pulled over. Next thing I knew I had just blown a .10 on a breath test and was headed to central booking. I’d had no criminal record; I’d never been arrested until this day. I was terrified that I’d have a criminal record and loose my career as an Aircraft Mechanic. I searched the internet for the best representation I could find and then decided to retain Mr. Greenberg after a consultation with him and Ms. Young in his office. Mr. Greenberg was straight forward in saying nothing is guaranteed in court but he assured me he would use his 40 years of experience to do everything he could to get me a positive result in the matter. Mr. Greenberg and Ms. Young were extremely professional throughout the course of my case. I’d certainly had my doubts throughout the process with an ADA that wouldn’t budge on any kind of a deal. Mr. Greenberg was very reassuring and I always felt my case was in good hands. When my day in Court finally came, Mr. Greenberg’s years of experience shone through, as he was able to use the arresting officer’s testimony to shine me in good light. After that he destroyed a very prejudicial IDTU technician’s testimony during cross-examination on stand showing that the results of the coordination test on the report he produced didn’t support what was shown on the recorded video of the test, and that the technician administered the test incorrectly Due to Mr. Greenberg and Ms. Young excellence in Court I was Acquitted of all DUI related charges. I can’t thank them enough for their efforts during the course of my case. It is always in your favor to get the best representation you can in criminal matters, you wont go wrong with Todd Greenberg he is the best representation you can get.


Criminal case in Kings County.

November 17, 2017

Thanks Mr. Greenberg for your service to me. I’m very much grateful, that you were able to negotiate a violation from a felony for me.
Once again thank you.


Got my case Dismissed and Sealed as if it did not happen

May 15, 2017

I had received a DUI, I was terrified, It was one of the stupidest things I have ever done in my life. I contacted Todd Greenberg and Caitlin Young, and they quickly put my mind at ease. I was still quite terrified over everything I read over the internet. E.g. ” up to one year jail time, etc”. My first court hearing they refused the proposal which were being offered. By the third court visit, They had the case dismissed and sealed as if nothing ever happened “on paper” my mind will never forget but I had who I would say was the best of the best at my side. I also had an issue with my license not getting re-instated, after one call with Caitlin, it was resolved.
Thank you both, Todd and Caitlin for everything you did. I cannot praise them any higher!!

thank you,

DAT Case

May 7, 2017

After several phone calls and interviewing a few attorneys, upon meeting with Mr. Greenberg, I knew he was exactly who I was looking for. I left my meeting with him feeling relieved that the results would be what I was looking for. The results more than turned out this way. Mr. Greenberg is an exemplary attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable of laws and well versed in Criminal areas of the judicial system. In addition, he is professional, detail orientated, compassionate, and will only seek the best for his clients. He is direct and honest with his opinions and suggestion of how he would handle the situation; putting himself in your shoes. Mr. Greenberg was always available via phone, e-mail, and text. This included after hours and on weekends and holidays! He also has a hard working professional assistant who is always available to inform you of Mr. Greenberg schedule. I would highly recommended Mr. Todd Greenberg and his Law Firm for any legal advice or assistance.
Thank you and GOD Bless you Mr. Greenberg!!!


Thank You Letter

April 29, 2017

Dear, Gentleman,
I would like to thank you for representing me on this matter and doing a great job. Mr Greenberg is the hardest working and sincerest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’m so grateful for the compensation I received. I cannot imagine finding anyone better. You have my deepest respect and admiration.

Kindest regards,
Nora. R


April 1, 2017

Todd Greenberg is a very helpful dedicated attorney. Mr. Greenberg helped me get over a very complicated situation and he did not give up. I was successful at the end of the case and I very much appreciate his expertise and professionalism. Mr. Greenberg is a compassionate attorney and I recommend his services to anyone whom is looking for a dedicated attorney.



February 25, 2017

I am a small business owner and I was arrested by law enforcement for failure to maintain proper business records. Even though this is not a very serious crime, it was serious to me because I was afraid of loosing my livelihood. Mr Greenberg was very empathetic to my situation. He took the time to explain what I was being charged with. He was very patient with my case. I appeared in court several times and was offered a plea deal, but Mr Greenberg explained to me to be patient and that he would have my case dismissed. Eventually, Mr Greenberg was able to have my case completely dismissed. I was very satisfied with how Mr Greenberg’s law office handled my case.


Absolutely fantastic

July 27, 2016

Mr. Greenberg did absolute wonders in handling my case and getting a favorable disposition. Although it was a low-level misdemeanor, Mr. Greenberg went above and beyond the call of duty in getting my case ACD’d. I am forever grateful for Mr. Greenberg (and Caitlin Young, his fantastic associate). They are, in my opinion, the best firm in the city bar none.


I know it’s been a while since we last spoke and saw each other but I can’t tell you how much I want to thank you for fighting with me, believing in me, and for most of all saving my life. I’m glad to have you as my family attorney and honored to have you as a friend thank you.

Peter B.

Dear Buddy and Todd,

It was over 30 years ago that my parents walked into a courtroom distraught and scared. They had needed help. Their children were in trouble. That is when they first met you personally. That was the day a bond was created by our family with the family of Addabbo and Greenberg. They needed help and you were there. And you have all been there to help each and everyone of us over the 30 years. I wanted to personally thank you all for everything you have done for us. It’s funny because we never felt like we were dealing with an attorneys office when we called you, we always called like we needed a friend to help us out. I wanted to thank you personally for always being there for us.

Seeing your faces last night made me realize that you are truly friends. My heart felt the love and the tears of joy as I saw the both of you being there for my family once again when we needed your support. Only this time it was for the strength to get through the loss of one we all loved so deeply.

A bond like this can never be broken….You both are forever in my heart… Vincent was so grateful and truly loved you.

P.S Please tell Jeannette she was very special in all she has done and how she also made me feel so warmly welcomed. Jeannette was and always will be my favorite girl…


Forever your friend

Christine (last name omitted)

Dear Mr. Greenberg

This is [name omitted]’s wife, Regina. I would like to express our gratitude for your dedication to our case which has resulted in a positive outcome. I know that it took many hours of reading, reflecting and planning. May you continue to be blessed with the ability to defend the innocents.


I can not express enough my sincere and profound appreciation for Mr. Greenberg.

I was totally devastated by the circumstances which led me to be falsely accused and arrested for actions I did not commit. My subsequent experience with the legal system led me to be concerned not only for the possible legal consequences but also for the possible implications for my family and livelihood. I truly wanted and needed to have peace of mind and the assurance that my case was being handled by a capable professional who would successfully defend me. Right from the beginning Mr, Greenberg gave me the confidence and assurance that I needed in and out of the courtroom. I am not only appreciative of his representation, his skill set and knowledge base as a lawyer but truly thankful for the generous amount of time that he provided me in consultation and the responsiveness he gave my concerns whenever I reached out to him. I openly want to state that Mr. Greenberg proved not only to be a an excellent attorney, but a truly decent, kind and honorable man. (client)

Hi Mr. Greenberg,

I’m very happy (and Carlos too) that his case turned out that well! I would like to thank you for your and your companies’ commitment in his case.

I appreciate it enormously that you always has taken the time to answer my emails quickly and explain about the situation.

I forwarded your letter to Carlos.
Thank you again.

Buddy & Todd,

Words cannot express my deep feelings for you guys & staff. You have taken me from C95 Rikers Island to owning my own home and 16 years clean.

My only wishes are that you guys and your families reap all the rewards that good fathers & best friends deserve. I’m very serious and grateful.


P.S. Both your dad’s molded you guys and you make them very proud.
Thank You
Love & Respect,

Vinny, Vincent & T.J.


Thanks can not express how grateful I am to you and your firm. I know you took a lot for helping me but I thank God every night for you, your success, and your generosity. You truly are the best lawyer around. You have a way of taking nothing and making sense out of it. Your patience, kindness, and time have not gone unnoticed. No one else could have done what you did. Money was never an issue with you and I am so sorry I could not give more or pay you in a timely fashion. Thank you for believing in me. I know you think I’m crazy for giving up so much for Cody but just as I believe he sent you to me, I believe he sent me to Cody.

Pray for us every chance you get. I’m happy I got see a real angel at work.

Thanks again
Sonia & Family

Dear Mr. Addabbo:
Thank you for spending the first day of your vacation at the closing of our house. The first trip in my brand new V70 Volvo station wagon was to a dog show. The bank and the US Government also love us.

Thanks again.
Muriel B.

Dear Buddy: Sometimes in life people are fortunate to cross paths with a genuine human being. We were so fortunate beyond words to meet you. Thank you for your professionalism.

Josephine D

Mr. G: I know you go through a million cases that mean a lot but to me, mine was the most important. You have given me a chance to have a life again. You worked a miracle. I know you are the best. Thank you for the time you put into my case and for your expertise in handling it. My life is on the right track now and it has a lot to do with you.

Thank you.
Anthony C.

Dear Todd & Buddy: I wanted to express to you how every grateful we are for all you have done. The kindness and warmth you have shown us will never be forgotten. Thank you for always believing in my son and for getting us through this horrible time. With appreciation and affection.

Joseph D.

Dear Mr. Greenberg: There are definitely no words to explain my gratitude towards you – you have been a rock to me in my most trying time of life. I want to thank you for your special effort and also your compassion towards us. I will always remember your kindness and I know that I can always depend on you in years to come.


To Todd, Trish & Jeanette: Just a reminder of how thankful I am for all your help in my time of need. I never forget you guys in my prayers everyday and I thank God for putting you in my path when I needed you most. I owe you my life.

Joshua P.

Dear Todd and Buddy: I just wanted to take a moment to heartfully thank you for being there for me and my family. I cannot express my gratitude to you both, you always treat us with affection and respect. I know I can not explain in words my feelings about the comfort of knowing the best men would do the best job.

Joy D.

Dear Buddy & Todd: Thank you for what you did for my son. Me and my wife are very thankful for having a great team of lawyers as yourself and your whole staff. My son will always be in debt to you. Again thank you.

Aida A.

Dear Mr. Greenberg: I wanted to enclose the short note to let you know we are thinking of you, your kindness and the way you helped us through our most trying times in our lives. I will never forget your kindness or how much you cared for us.

Sadia P.

Dear Buddy and Todd: Just a short note to say Happy New Year. Thank you for your fine representation and support. This meant a lot to me and I am most appreciative.

Robert S.

To Mr. Greenberg: Thank you for everything. You’re the greatest.

Neelram R.

Mr. Greenberg: I’m not sure I can express how grateful we are to you for your compassion and expertise. We have never experienced anything like this and would be completely lost without you. Thank you for helping our family.

Andrea S

I must say Mr. Greenberg that you did an excellent job in preserving all necessary material for appeal. I must thank you for conducting an excellent defense.

Shawn S.

Dear Mr. Greenberg: Thank you for your and Tammi’s efforts on my behalf and for obtaining a dismissal of my case. I appreciate your firm’s defense of me, and if in the future, I or anyone I know find themselves in a situation where your firm’s representation is needed I will not hesitate to contact you.


Dominic, Thank you for helping my dream come true


Dear Mr. Addabbo:
Thank you for spending the first day of your vacation at the closing of our house. The first trip in my brand new V70 Volvo station wagon was to a dog show. The bank and the US Government also love us.

Thanks again.
Muriel B.

Words are not adequate for the tremendous effort you displayed in court on my behalf. You’ve been my friend but most of all you’ve been my greatest helper. You’ve given me a great second lease on life. From me, my wife and my entire family, thank you.

Mohamed S.