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Two Dwi Dismissals In New York County In One Day

October 19, 2015

Two Defendants, in unrelated cases, who both maintained their innocence to charges of Driving While Intoxicated, had their DWI cases dismissed and sealed on the same date in New York County. Both cases were dismissed based upon a violation of the Constitutional Rights of those Defendants to a Speedy Trial. In each case, DWI defense attorney Todd Greenberg was ready to proceed on each and every occasion, forcing the District Attorney to be ready for Hearings and Trial. On each such date, the People were not ready to proceed resulting in extensive Motion Practice setting forth that the Prosecutions’ delay violated Constitutional Speedy Trial Rights mandating dismissal. Although dismissal of both cases was adamantly opposed by the District Attorney the Judge granted the Motion of DWI attorney Todd Greenberg for dismissal. Once again, preparation and knowledge of the law has resulted in a favorable disposition for our clients. Call criminal defense attorney Todd Greenberg at 718-268-0400 or visit us at