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5/18/2012 “Counterfeit Goods” Indictment Dismissed In Miami Federal Court

On May 18 th, 2012, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida dismissed a 15 Count Indictment against Attorney Todd Greenberg’ s client which charged her with Importation and Distribution of Counterfeit Goods including baseball hats, toothpaste, clothing and various other items. Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg maintained that his client had no knowledge, and did not participate in, the conspiracy. Extensive motion practice led the US Attorney to agree to a plea to a Misdemeanor charge resulting in dismissal of the entire Indictment. On May 18 th, 2012, Mr. Greenberg’s client was sentenced to twelve (12) months of probation instead of facing up to twenty (20) years imprisonment. A co-defendant was sentenced to a prison term, which Mr. Greenberg was able to avoid for his client. Additionally, Mr. Greenberg’s client, would have faced deportation charges if convicted of a felony. Once again knowledge of the law and diligent representation has led to the dismissal of all felony charges against Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg’s client and avoided the client’s deportation.