“Counterfeit Goods” Indictment Dismissed in Miami Federal Court

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Counterfeits & Seizures

Trademark holders spend significant money and resources to protect their brands and products. When trademark designer goods are counterfeited and sold at a lower than retail cost, the value of the trademark or copyrighted product is severely diminished.

New York Criminal Attorney Todd Greenberg has significant experience in defending those accused of Counterfeiting, both businesses and individual, from Criminal charges both on the State and Federal level as well as in Civil Litigation.

We defend individuals, organizations, corporations and businesses charged with the Sale of Counterfeit Goods in both Criminal and Civil matters.

The penalties for importing, distributing and trafficking in counterfeit goods are severe and depend on the value of the original product. Not only are there severe monetary penalties, but it is likely a criminal convictions and prison sentence is possible. The attorneys at Addabbo and Greenberg have successfully defended many of these cases both in Federal and State, Criminal and Civil Court, throughout the United States.

Here are some examples:

5/18/2012 “Counterfeit Goods” Indictment Dismissed in Miami Federal Court

In a highly publicized case involving counterfeit Trojan condoms, Todd Greenberg’s clients were found not to be among the Defendants who sold the faulty condoms by a Federal District Court Judge, which finding significantly reduced prison time

Dismissal of Trademark Counterfeiting Charge sited on front page of New York Law Journal

Addabbo & Greenberg Law

Evidence Suppressed Based on Illegal Search in Counterfeit Sneaker Case in Buffalo Federal Court

If your or your businesses are facing charges of selling counterfeit goods call Todd Greenberg for the best legal result possible. Mr. Greenberg will meet with you, listen closely to the facts of the case and help you prepare a defense.

Both Spanish and Chinese Interpreters are available.

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