Federal Court Judge Peter K. Leisure called Mr. Greenberg’s closing argument in USA v. Valdez, 90-cr-890-4, “… a high-caliber summation by an extremely capable lawyer.”
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Queens Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with a federal crime, it is important to understand exactly what consequences you may be facing. Federal charges are often more serious than state charges, and federal sentencing guidelines apply when an individual is convicted.

The most important decision you may face if you have been charged with a federal crime is choosing an attorney. Not all criminal defense attorneys have experience handling cases in federal court. When your rights and freedom are on the line, you should seek representation from a lawyer who understands exactly the situation you are in.

Federal charges may be filed when an individual has violated a federal law contained in the U.S. Criminal Code. Queens federal criminal defense lawyers Todd D. Greenberg and Dominic L. Addabbo have decades of collective experience handling complex criminal defense cases including:

  • Federal drug crimes
  • Federal white collar crimes
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Tax crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Gun law violations
  • Terrorism

On both the federal and state level, attorney Todd Greenberg has been involved in narcotics defense for more than 30 years. In the defense of a defendant in a major crack conspiracy case prosecuted in Federal District Court, Southern District of New York, Federal Court Judge Peter K. Leisure called Mr. Greenberg’s closing argument in USA v. Valdez, 90-cr-890-4, “… a high-caliber summation by an extremely capable lawyer.” Recently, Mr. Greenberg was able to obtain a significant sentence reduction in a federal drug case using the most current legal argument regarding the sentencing disparity between a person selling crack cocaine and a person selling powder cocaine. By being up to date on events in the United States Senate regarding hearings on crime and drugs, we were able to bring the most current legal argument to the sentencing judge, which resulted in a substantially reduced jail sentence.

Representation During Investigation

Our firm also represents individuals who believe they may be a target of a federal investigation. Indeed, the best time to start defending against federal charges is before charges have actually been filed — while the case is being investigated. There are steps we can take at this critical time to protect your rights and start building a defense if you end up being charged with a federal crime.

Contact a New York Drug Trafficking Lawyer

To learn more about defense against federal charges, contact our law firm in New York City to schedule an initial consultation. Call 718-268-0400, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please read the following examples of Mr. Greenberg’s success in Federal Court:

Criminal Defense Case Results

Guilty Plea Vacated Guilty Plea Entered Fifteen Years Ago Vacated To Avoid Deportation
“Not Guilty” Verdict On All Drinking Driving Charges In Nassau County
Manslaughter, Vehicular HomicideManslaughter, Vehicular Homicide Charges Dismissed Prior To Trial
Penn Station Arrest Penn Station Arrest for Public Lewdness and Exposure Ends in Dismissal
Flavor Flav Avoids Jail TimeFlavor Flav avoids jail time, pleads guilty to speeding to mother’s funeral. After his sentencing, Drayton thanked his attorney, Todd Greenberg of Queens, who he called “The Man”.NewsdayVideo Placeholder Watch Video

Federal Sentence of Time Served(16 Days) Based Upon Collateral Consequences of Conviction

“Not Responsible” VerdictLawyer found “not responsible” in death of mother.Newsday
Sentence: hazing deathSentence in fraternity hazing death: “Greenberg said sentencing process was extremely fair”.NBC News
Clear Cop in Death of BikerDaily News
Deferred Prosecution Deferred Prosecution in Pennsylvania Felony Case Based on Mental Disease Defense
Acquitted of Domestic Violence Crimes Acquitted of Domestic Violence Crimes in Queens County Trial
“Fat Jockey” case KO’dNewsday
Acquittal in Death of ChildNewsday
Teen Acquitted in Maze SlayingNewsday
“Not Guilty” VerdictQueens jury: “Not Guilty” verdict for Queens contractor charged with Felony Possession of Firearms.
Success in Florida Federal CourtSuccess in Florida Federal Court Where Client Received Probation Instead of Jail
Rape Indictment CourtRape Indictment In Albany Ends With Non-Criminal Violation
YOUTH GETS PROBATION IN A KILLINGTodd Greenberg, said the sentence imposed today was appropriate because of what he called “extremely mitigating circumstances. Mr. Greenberg has maintained that his client acted in self-defense.The New York Times

Addabbo & Greenberg Criminal Verdicts