“Dear Todd & Buddy, I wanted to express to you however grateful we are for all you have done. The kindness and warmth you have shown us will never be forgotten.

Thank you for always believing in my son and for getting us through this horrible time.”

– Joseph D.
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Queens Theft Defense Attorneys

The effects of a theft conviction can be long-lasting. You may be facing large fines and the possibility of prison time. Additionally, there may be noncriminal consequences that could affect your job and personal life. With so much at stake, it is important to consult an experienced Queens theft defense lawyer as soon as possible.

At the law firm of Addabbo & Greenberg, we aggressively defend individuals charged with theft, burglary, robbery and other theft crimes. Our Queens theft defense attorneys have extensive trial experience that will be put to use in your defense case. Contact us today.

Defense of Theft Charges

Skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys Todd D. Greenberg and Dominic L. Addabbo defend clients charged with a range of theft crimes:

  • Robbery — The crime of robbery involves theft with the threat of violence.
  • Burglary — The crime of burglary involves entering (or breaking into) a premises to commit theft.
  • Shoplifting — The crime of shoplifting involves stealing goods from a store.

We also defend individuals who have been charged with other theft crimes including auto theft, grand theft and receiving stolen property and white collar theft crimes such as embezzlement and identity theft.

Being charged with a theft crime does not mean that you are guilty of a theft crime. Our law firm is highly experienced in the defense against theft charges, and we will thoroughly analyze the charges to build the strongest defense possible. We will review police reports, interview witnesses, challenge the prosecution’s evidence and take other actions on your behalf.

Contact New York Burglary Charge Lawyers

Before you make any statements to police, contact our law firm. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 718-268-0400.


07/27/2017 Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg Successfully Defends 21 Old Involved in Armed Robbery of Caesars Atlantic City Casino

Too many times in my career, young adults with good backgrounds make stupid decisions. This case is one of them. Our client, a college student, got involved with three (3) other young men and acted as the getaway driver in what was an armed robbery of Caesars Atlantic City Casino in 2014. The case was prosecuted in the Atlantic County Court in New Jersey by the office of the Attorney General Casino Prosecution Bureau. The evidence established my client’s car as the getaway car and our client was implicated by several witnesses. Two of the other men went in the casino, placed a gun at a teller’s head and stole in excess of $180,000.00. Our client was arrested two (2) weeks later and made a full confession except for one detail: Our client maintained that although he knew there was going to be a theft, he did not know that the person going into the casino was armed with a weapon. One of the other defendants was a former employee and our client thought that he knew where the money was and that there was inside cooperation. His family, from Queens, immediately contacted Mr. Greenberg who has been fighting this case since 2014. Mr. Greenberg immediately understood there was a major difference in the sentencing structure if our client knew there was a gun and it was going to be an armed robbery. Although the Attorney General did not accept our client’s version at first, with persistence and due diligence, and pointing out other factual matters to the Attorney General, Mr. Greenberg was able to establish that our client did not know that the other participant was armed with a gun. The difference was significant in that an armed robbery conviction would mandate a sentence of up to 25 years and under New Jersey’s “No Early Release Act”, our client would have had to do 85% of the sentence! Instead, under the Theft charge, our client was sentenced to 7 years but the “No Early Release Act” did not apply. The bottom line is that our client was just released on July 10th, 2017 after serving three (3) months of his prison sentence under a New Jersey program known as “Intensive Probation Supervision”. Our client, now 23, has been reintegrated into society and is on his way to being a productive and contributing member of the community. No matter how serious your situation seems, contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Todd Greenberg for the best results at 718-268-0400 or at www.addabboandgreenberg.com.

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