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What To Do If You Are In An Accident


Call Addabbo & Greenberg immediately at 718-268-0400, any time, day or night. We will help you protect your rights and prevent you from compromising your position.

Do Not discuss your case with anyone, except your doctor and lawyer!

Do Not sign anything without discussing it with your lawyer first.

The Law Firm of Addabbo & Greenberg is experienced in handling all types of accidents including automobile accidents, slip and falls, accidents that result from products, workplace accidents and wrongful death. If you are involved in an accident, it is important that you DO NOT sign any papers without legal representation. Contact us immediately.

If You Are In A Slip & Fall Accident:

  • Take photos – your cell phone will work fine for this purpose
  • Get contact information of people who witnessed your accident
  • Document the location where the accident occurred
  • Document a description of the circumstances
  • Note your specific Location
  • Obtain contact information of witnesses

You may be able to be compensated for injuries such as:

  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Concussion
  • Limb Injuries
  • Fractures

If You Are In A Car Accident:
Many car accidents are a caused by aggressive drivers.
Police characterize aggressive driving by the following traffic violations:

  • Excessive speed
  • Frequent or unsafe lane changes
  • Failure to signal
  • Tailgating
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Disregarding traffic controls
  • Impaired driving

“Road Rage” may be a criminal offense. The police point out that there is a difference between aggressive driving and “road rage.” Road Rage behaviors, such as using the vehicle as a weapon or physically assaulting a driver or their vehicle, are not aggressive driving. They are criminal offenses, and there are laws in place to address these violent crimes. Determining the difference and who is liable is where Addabbo & Greenberg comes in. We are experienced with the complexities that auto accidents entail, including both legal and insurance matters. Determining who is at fault for an auto accident can be difficult do to the many factors an auto accident can involve. Even if someone involved in a car accident thinks that they are partly at fault for the car accident they may still be able to collect damages.

Damages for which you may be entitled to compensation include:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Psychological damage
  • Loss of past and future income
  • Medical expenses for the past and for the future
  • Assistance for the future
  • Loss of amenities of life
  • Damage to your car or personal property


You may suffer an injury due to the malfunction of a product or other defect. There are laws that specifically regulate children’s products and toys. Accidents such as these may cause serious short and long term consequences for which you may be entitled to compensation. If you have an accident from a product, call us immediately to discuss your case.

Types of Product Accidents:

Strict Product Liability Law
Strict Product liability refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product. This includes the manufacturer of component parts (at the top of the chain), an assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner (at the bottom of the chain). Products containing inherent defects that cause harm to a consumer of the product, or someone to whom the product was loaned, given, etc., are the subjects of products liability suits. While products are generally thought of as tangible personal property, products liability has stretched that definition to include intangibles (gas), naturals (pets), real estate (house), and writings (navigational charts).

Manufacturing Defect
An imperfection in a product that departs from its intended design even though all possible care was exercised in its assembly and marketing.

Marketing Defect
The failure to adequately warn of a potential risk of harm that is known or should have been known about a product or its foreseeable usage. The failure to adequately instruct the user about how to use a product safely.

Hidden Defect
A product imperfection that is not discoverable by reasonable inspection and for which a seller or lessor is generally liable if the flaw causes harm. Upon discovering a hidden defect, a purchaser may revoke a prior acceptance.

Design Defect – Factory Defect Appliance, Food, Drug, and More
A product imperfection occurring when the seller or distributor could have reduced or avoided a foreseeable risk of harm by adopting a reasonable alternative design, and when, as a result of not using the alternative, the product is not reasonably safe.

Workplace Accidents
Personal Injuries due to workplace accidents can cause you substantial loss of income as well as high medical bills beyond what Worker’s Compensation plans are willing to cover. If you are injured at work, call us to discuss your situation before signing any documents and even if Worker’s Compensation is involved. You may be entitled to more and we will help you get it if you are.

Wrongful Death
It is an unfortunate fact of life that the death of a person may occur due to misconduct or negligence by another person, corporation or entity. If this occurs, you are entitled to damages. It is important for you to contact us early so that we can take actions on your behalf as soon as possible to protect your full rights under federal and state laws. Waiting may limit your ability to recover.

Wrongful Death Is Most Often Caused By:

  • Doctor Negligence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Dental Malpractice
  • Product Malfunction
  • Drunk Driver
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Unsafe Playground Premises

Types Of Damages Sought:

  • Loss of Benefits
  • Pain and Suffering
  • General Damages
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Loss of Wages
  • Future Damages
  • Punitive Damages
  • Structured Settlements

Sample Personal Injury Results:

  • $615,000 Awarded to Person Suffering Injury in Home Depot Parking Lot. This action was commenced after Plaintiff was personally injured during an assault in the parking lot of the Home Depot in Elmont, Nassau County, by another customer. The attorneys for Home Depot, Inc. wrote to Addabbo & Greenberg as follows: Please note that we regard the inclusion of The Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., as a party defendant in this action to be frivolous. Accordingly, please be advised that sanctions will be sought against your clients and your firm for the institution of the action as against The Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. and needless to say, any further steps by your office to pursue this frivolous claim as against the Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., will result in further evidence of your bad faith in pursuing the claim. The person injured in this case was awarded $615,000 in a settlement for personal injuries prior to trial. After thorough research of the issues by New York City and Queens Personal Injury lawyer Todd Greenberg, and after years of litigation, Home Depot, Inc. settled during jury selection for $615,000.00. (NEW YORK JURY VERDICT REPORTER). Instead of sanctions being paid by Addabbo & Greenberg for bringing a frivolous lawsuit on behalf of a person injured, Home Depot, Inc. paid Plaintiff a substantial sum of money for his personal injuries, based on the theories of negligence Mr. Greenberg developed. Similar results are reported on our Reported Cases.

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