“Dear Mr. Addabbo, Thank you for spending the first day of your vacation at the closing of our house. The first trip in my brand new V70 Volvo station wagon was to a dog show. The bank and the US Government also love us.

Thanks again.”
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Condominiums Co-ops Lawyer Queens

Skilled Representation for Co-op and Condominium Transactions

If you are considering purchasing or selling a co-op or condominium in New York, there are many things you need to consider as you move forward. Like any real estate transaction, there are many components and a significant amount of money involved, making it very important to properly handle each detail from the beginning.

At Addabbo & Greenberg in Queens, our experienced real estate lawyers can help you protect your rights during your transaction and ensure the end result will be something you can be happy with for years to come.

Make sure you know your options before entering into a transaction involving co-ops or condominiums. Call 718-268-0400 or contact us via e-mail to arrange a meeting with our experienced residential real estate attorneys.


When you purchase a co-op apartment, you are purchasing stock in a corporation that owns the rental property. When you buy into a co-op, you become a shareholder of the corporation and have a lease over the apartment.

Buying into a co-op is a big decision, and we can help you protect your interests. Our attorneys will work to make sure that the rules and regulations of the co-op meet your needs. We want every one of our clients to feel comfortable entering into this major transaction.


In purchasing a condominium, it is important to realize that you are purchasing a piece of real estate, unlike a co-op, where you are purchasing stock in a corporation that owns real estate properties.

However, condominium associations do have a board of directors. This board has the power to make decisions over regulations that will have a direct impact on your life. We can help you examine every aspect of your transaction, and ensure this is an arrangement that will work for you.

To discuss your co-op and condominium issues with a skilled real estate attorney, contact us today.

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