Fat Jockey” Case KO’D
Attorney Todd Greenberg stated that his client was a “…victim of political circumstances” and the Nyra “handed them up as sacrificial lambs to the attorney general…” The judge dismissed the case in the middle of a jury trial

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Fraud Crimes

In both State and Federal Courts, the attorneys at Addabbo and Greenberg have extensive litigation experience in defending those accused of fraudulent acts.

If you are accused of:

  • Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud
  • Mail Fraud,
  • Wire Fraud,
  • Bank Fraud,
  • Insurance Fraud,
  • Money Laundering,
  • Embezzlement or Accounting Fraud,
  • Access Device and Credit Card Fraud,
  • Medicaid or Medicare Fraud,
  • Scheme to Defraud,
  • Immigration Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Money Laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Public Corruption

Our attorneys have defended hundreds of others in similar positions and are fully familiar with the law and how to present your side of the case.

We represent individuals, businesses and professionals against charges already filed, as well as during the investigative plea- indictment process.

We put special emphasis on a proactive approach to every fraud investigation to prevent Indictment in the first place and to minimize potential damages.

Before discussing your case with an investigator, either police related or private, consult with Addabbo and Greenberg before you put yourself in greater difficulty.

Our extensive legal experience in this area of the Law will help guide you through this unfortunate circumstance. Our attorneys, Todd Greenberg, Dominic Addabbo spend extensive time with our clients to find out the entire story and are compassionate to our clients as well as aggressive in their defense. Our experience as former prosecutors give us insight into how the opposing side investigates and prosecutes cases which is invaluable in getting the best possible results for our client.

Once again, our results in past cases speak louder than mere words on a page:

In a Fraud case where a Hall of Fame New York Jockey and the Clerk of the Scales at the New York Racing Association (NYRA) Racetracks at Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga, were charged in a 291 count Fraud Indictment which included Scheme to Defraud, Conspiracy, Falsifying Business Records and Tampering with a Sports Contest, all charges were dismissed in the middle of a Jury Trial upon the Motion of Attorney Todd D. Greenberg.

The 291 Count Indictment was filed by the New York Attorney General and became known as the “Overweight Jockey” case. Attorney Todd Greenberg was quoted by the New York Post, a day after the arrest of his client, stating that his client was being “…handed up as a sacrificial lamb by NYRA so NYRA could keep its lucrative contract to run Belmont, Aqueduct and Saratoga Racetracks which was up for renewal”. Mr. Greenberg went on the say that “charges in the Indictment required Criminal Intent” and that his client “…had no criminal intent whatsoever.”

After extensive trial preparation, on September 17th, 2007, in the midst of a three week Jury Trial, Saratoga County Court Judge Jerry Scarano dismissed the Indictment. As Attorney Greenberg said from the outset, Judge Scarano found that “there is no evidence presented during the Trial of any criminal acts or any criminal conspiracy that occurred in Saratoga County” and dismissed all charges involving the Saratoga, Belmont and Aqueduct Racetracks. It was Mr. Greenberg’s knowledge of the law of Fraud which convinced the Judge, to take the case away from the Jury, an extraordinary legal step, on the ground that there was simply no evidence of a criminal intent to defraud. The progression of the case and the legal strategy of New York Attorney Todd Greenberg, was closely followed in the media:

If you are being investigated for a Fraud, or you have been charged in Court, schedule a free consultation with a experienced New York Criminal Attorney. Contact Todd Greenberg immediately to help you through this difficult time and for the best possible result.

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