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Attorney Todd Greenberg to be Featured on “48 Hours”

Photo of Todd D. Greenberg Esq.

Tune in to “48 Hours” on CBS Saturday May 10th and see attorney Todd Greenberg speak about the case of Jason Bohn who was convicted of Murder in the First Degree and sentenced to life without parole. This was a particularly difficult case involving torture and murder, an audio recording of the attack and a written confession. Despite Mr. Greenberg’s tireless efforts to establish that Mr. Bohn was acting while under an extreme emotional disturbance, the jury decided that he acted intentionally and returned a guilty verdict. Hear the intimate details as told by Mr. Greenberg, the attorney who tried the case, and witness his dedication to our client even under the most adverse circumstances. That’s Saturday, May 10th, beginning at 10pm on CBS Channel 2 NY.

CBS New York: Defense Attorney: Jason Bohn Shouldn’t Be Held Responsible For Girlfriend’s Murder