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[05/18/2015] Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg Obtains One Year Sentence For Client In Drug Conspiracy

On May 5 th, 2015, Federal Criminal Defense attorney Todd Greenberg obtained a sentence of one year and one day for a client who was charged in a heroin drug conspiracy in the Southern District of New York that mandated a ten-year minimum sentence. Mr. Greenberg was able to advocate for his client that his involvement in the Conspiracy was limited in time, that his client’s involvement arose out of his friendship with a Codefendant who he accommodated by driving him around and that the Defendant received no monetary profit from his acts and the Defendant was a minor participant in the Conspiracy. Further, Mr. Greenberg negotiated a plea wherein his client admitted to the lowest Drug quantity among his Codefendants and the Federal Guideline range was 21 – 27 months imprisonment. Upon submission of an extremely detailed Presentence Memorandum, as well as a presentation at sentence, the Federal Judge granted a variance from the Sentencing Guidelines and, at the request of Mr. Greenberg, sentenced the Defendant to a year and one day. Why the one day? Under the Federal system, if a Defendant is sentenced to one year in jail he must complete the full twelve months in jail. However, if the sentence exceeds one year, even by one day, the Defendant is entitled to a 15% reduction of his sentence. Therefore, the year and one-day sentence equaled 316 days in jail. At the time of sentence, the Defendant had already served nine months. Instead of serving ten (10) years for a serious Drug Conspiracy Felony Indictment Mr. Greenberg’s client served ten (10) month in jail! If you unfortunately find yourself in need of an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, call Todd Greenberg, 718-268-0400 or visit us at