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“Not Guilty” Verdict For Felony Leaving Scene Of Accident

Our client, a Queens resident, was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident which caused serious physical injury. The accident occurred at the intersection of Willets Point Boulevard and Utopia Parkway. It was alleged that our client, a 62-year-old male, struck the victim while she was in the crosswalk and then ran over her for a second time without stopping and exhibiting his license. Four eye witnesses testified, describing a silver SUV and one of them gave our client’s license plate number! Within one hour, the police came to our client’s house, confronted him when he admitted that he was in that area, as he is every morning, taking his dog to the dog park in his silver SUV. Through thorough cross-examination of each and every witness, Criminal Defense Attorney Todd Greenberg was able to establish contradictions in each witnesses testimony and, despite the fact that an eyewitness took down my clients license plate, our client was Acquitted and found not guilty of all charges! In presentation of the Defense case, Mr. Greenberg called Character Witnesses who testified that the Defendant spent his life volunteering to help others through various charitable organizations. Mr. Greenberg argued that a person of this character, if he struck a pedestrian, would not leave the pedestrian laying there to die but would have gotten out of the car and helped. After one week of testimony and presentation of evidence which, according to the District Attorney, was “very strong”, a “Not Guilty” verdict was rendered. Mr. Greenberg was able to point out, despite the eyewitness testimony, serious inconsistences and relied heavily on the argument that the Defendant was not the type of person who would commit a crime. Character Evidence is very strong and you need a Criminal Defense attorney who knows how to use it! Call us at 718-268-0400 or visit us at