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Sidewalk Slip And Fall Settled For $450,000.00

Our client, a 74 year old female, was working in New York City at the time of her accident when, prior to work, she purchased coffee and was exiting a coffee shop. Upon exiting the coffee shop, she took three steps, turned to her left and tripped and fell on an obviously defective sidewalk, fracturing her shoulder necessitating surgery. Upon being retained, Attorney Todd Greenberg immediately sent an investigator to talk to the superintendent of the building who showed him a video tape of the accident occurring and our client’s fall. The investigator recorded the video on his cell phone which turned out to be very significant in that the Defendant ultimately couldn’t locate the video tape! The Defendant argued that they should not be liable because the defect was “open and obvious”. However, the video tape that Mr. Greenberg recovered did show a normal crowded sidewalk on a workday. During a pretrial mediation, Mr. Greenberg argued that as every New Yorker knows, when you exit an establishment onto the street, you look to both sides first for people coming in either direction. Since this defect existed in an area immediately outside the exit of the store, a customer would not have the opportunity to look down on the ground prior to walking! Case settled for $450,000.00, without our client assuming any liability for the accident! Call Addabbo and Greenberg if you are seriously injured in an accident at 718-268-0400 or visit us at