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Suppression of Marijuana Granted in Felony Drug Case

November 17, 2015

On November 16 th, 2015, a Queens County Supreme Court Judge suppressed the recovery of pounds of marijuana and United States currency based on an illegal search and seizure of a vehicle. A Dunnaway/Mapp Hearing was held where police officers of the Field Intelligence Unit testified that they went to a location based on an “anonymous tip” and saw our client get into the driver’s seat of a van with a paper bag that appeared full. The police testified that the van pulled over, a person got in and the police observed, from outside the van, an alleged drug transaction where United States currency was given to our client, the driver, and a bag was given to the buyer. After pulling our client out of the car, handcuffing him and doing the same to the alleged buyer, the police looked in the bag and discovered approximately five pounds of marijuana. Based on a legal Brief submitted by Criminal Defense attorney Todd Greenberg, it was pointed out to the Court that the tip received was vague, that the officers failed to testify that they had any special training in drug transactions, that the exchange of a brown paper bag and money alone were not circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to believe a crime was being committed and that the police actually took our client into custody before any drugs was observed. In sum and substance, Mr. Greenberg argued that there were absolutely no facts to indicate that there was probable cause for an arrest or for a search of the vehicle. Suppression granted! Most significantly, Mr. Greenberg was retained after pretrial hearings were denied in that prior counsel failed to prepare proper moving papers and the case was scheduled for trial. Immediately upon being retained, Mr. Greenberg reviewed the file, moved to reargue pretrial motions and was granted hearings. If Mr. Greenberg had not seen that the Suppression Hearing was wrongfully denied the case would have proceeded to trial. However, instead, all evidence was suppressed and cannot be used in Court. Knowledge of the law, knowledge of how to cross examine police witnesses and persistence and dedication in preparing a legal Brief that essentially the Court adopted, resulted in the Constitutional Rights of our client being upheld. If you are arrested and charged with narcotic possession or sale call Queens Attorney Todd Greenberg for the best results at 718-268-0400 or reach us through